The second nEUROgastro TANDEM took place at University College Cork, Ireland from the 22.08. to the 24.08.2017 and it was a great success. We want to thank all of the participants as well as the sponsors for making this event unique. 


20 participants from 11 countries were grouped into 10 teams by the organizing comittee prior to the meeting and were given an 8 week time period to compose a research project together. At the meeting each time gave a 20 minutes presentation about their project and the project was scored by all participants based on:

  • Methodology
  • Feasibility
  • Budget
  • Innovativeness
  • Presentation skills
  • Arguments in the subsequent discussion


Although all 10 projects were well composed and promising the following three projects were given the highest score by all participants:


We want to congratulate Eloísa  Salvo-Romero from Spain and Paulo Pfitzinger from Germany who made the first price with their promising project: Pancreatic cancer progression and mast cells.


Second place was awarded to Georgiana-Emmanuela Gîlca from Romania and Anna Golubeva from Ireland who participated with their well thought out project The Melancholic Fungi in the Gut.


Elena Weibert from Germany and Roeland Buckinx from Belgium impressed with their project Probing a gastrointestinal role of a new peptide and were able to make the third place.