January 2019: We want to inform you that the deadline for registration for the 3rd nEUROgastro TANDEM Meeting taking place at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa from the 02.09.2019 to the 04.09.2019 has been shifted to the                                                          15th of February 2019


November 2018: We are pleased to announce that our next nEUROgastro TANDEM will take place at Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal from the 02.09.2019 to the 04.09.2019.


September 2017: We thank Mira Wouters for being part of our organizing team! Siobhain O’Mahony will replace Mira. Thanks Mira and Welcome Siobhain!

August 2017: Congratulations to the winning team of 2017: Eloísa  Salvo-Romero and Paulo Pfitzinger with their project: Pancreatic cancer progression and mast cells

August 2017: Pictures of the 2nd nEUROgastro Tandem in Cork

August 2017: The second nEUROgastro TANDEM meeting was a great success and we want to thank all of you for your participation! Furthermore we want to thank all of our sponsors that helped making this event so special!

June 20st 2017: We are looking forward to Cork 2017!                                          Are you too? Find, like, comment and share the ESNM on Facebook!

February 2017: Deadline for registration has been shifted to the                                                     31st of March 2017